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services for organizations

PNP offers services to organizations that emphasize initiative on the part of the employee and support on the part of the manager. Employees participating in career development planning will manage their careers with renewed self confidence, anticipating the future, and take responsibility for life long learning. Managers will gain skills to provide practical career support to help individuals discover and utilize their skills, interests, strengths, and values.

PNP can provide:

  • A career center for employees.
  • One on one career coaching for a given number of hours per month.
  • Training for managers to support their employees in managing their careers and identifying opportunities for development
  • Customized workshops on career development topics that meet the needs of the employees and organization.
  • Myers Brigg Type Indicator Workshop for team builing, leadership and career development.
Services for individuals:
Interviewing techniques
Career documentation
Job search
Budget Calling
Resume preparation
Salary negotiation
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